Dominant Online Marketing Trends to Look for in 2016

The Internet marketing field is one that can be volatile and very complicated, if you don’t know it well or try to learn as much as you can before investing in online marketing. You also have to know the trends that exist in the market currently. If you keep up to the current trends, you will know how to assert yourself and your business. Every year, you will find the online community welcoming new companies, software, resources and user preferences. These are what dictate the online business climate. To compete, you have to keep abreast of new technology and new happenings online. Some things you can adopt in your business, but others should be ignored.

New Trends

If you adopt some of the new trends to your business, you may have an edge on your competition because then you will be ready to appeal to a targeted audience and cement your brand and reputation as an industry leader. Those who don’t embrace new trends will lag behind and possibly miss out on great opportunities to compete in the marketplace. When you embrace new trends that have great potential of success, you will be able to retain good position in the industry and market.

Embracing the Trends

For the year 2016, there are specific trends that will dominate the online market and making a permanent mark in the marketplace for various types of business owners, especially those that have embraced the trends. Below are several trends that you should take a closer look at during 2016 and consider using them in your online business.

Video Marketing

This is not something new, but video ads will continue to be the marketing tool for many online business owners for 2016. Social media will make it even easier. Websites such as YouTube have already dominated the Internet. Therefore, this is a viable channel to use for video ads. Facebook is already offering options to advertisers to place video ads and so is the search engine, Bing. Google seems to be following suit, showing a sign that people have become accepting of online video ads.

App Indexing

Apps have become quite popular in the last few years. App indexing now is going to be necessary to get high ranking on search engines like Google. If you don’t own app software in your business, you will miss out on the opportunity and advantage of online visibility for 2016.

Mobile Dominance

You must make sure that your website is optimized to be accessed by users with mobile devices and especially for those who love to use apps on their mobile device. Traffic from mobile device is also important to a company’s bottom line and Google has already accommodated this phenomenon. You must have a mobile website, but also its desktop counterpart as this is going to dominate 2016.

Digital Assistants

Digital assistants are the new dominance for searches online. Therefore, businesses need to jump onboard because this will call for new optimization tactics. However, the key area is for businesses to make sure that their information is easy to access on these digital assistant devices.


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