Fundamental Strategies for Marketing Online

If you are interesting in marketing your business on the Internet, you may be considering what options you have and the strategies to implement in order to be successful at it. You may also want to know what kind of marketing budget will apply. There are several choices to implement for successful marketing on the Internet, but it depends on your commitment, persistence and diversity. However, one staple of online marketing is having a website or blog. Let’s take a look.

Website or Blog

You need a home base on the World Wide Web just as you need a physical brick and mortar store to house your products and deliver your service. You can have both a blog and website or one of either. It really doesn’t matter. Your goal is to create an online space for people to find you, communicate with you and refer you. Whether you are interested to sell directly online or not, you should have a website or blog. Your blog, for example, provides a medium to voice your opinion, talk about your product and service and communicate interactively with your potential customers and visitors. You would create meaningful and valuable content to inform and education. In so doing, visitors and potential customers will be urged to share your information with their own social media following.

Campaign Model Advertising

Yes, you can market online using free mediums, but it is better to invest financially in proven strategies that cover a wider and more interested audience. In fact, you can try two forms of traditional online strategies: Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM) advertising and Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising.  The CPM strategy allows you to purchase space on someone else’s web page. You only pay for the impressions or the times that you have your ad displayed. This is usually in the form of banner ads. The CPC model allows you to only pay for the clicks that visitors make to your banner ad display. One of the well known forms of CPC is Google Adwords. This allows you to select specific keywords that your target audience is searching for and use it in your ad campaign. Your ad is displayed on the most popular search engines for a certain interested audience to find you using the selected keywords. You can use both text and video marketing in your ads.

Online Directory Listing

There are online directories that you can access to list your website or blog. Be sure to place a listing in your local directory so that local people can find you. You can opt for both free and paid online directory listings. Seek out the Chamber of Commerce in your area and ask for a paid online listing of your business. Many of these organizations also have paid online advertising at discount rates for local businesses.

Social Media

You cannot go wrong with social media. It puts you in close touch with your targeted audience. Your customer gets to know you better and know your brand. Running a business is also about building meaningful relationships so that your customers can develop trust. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media forums like Youtube. This will afford you the opportunity to understand your audience and have them understand you.

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