How to Build a Larger Network with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform mostly used to perform business to business relationships. In other words, you will mostly find companies as members trying to directly sell to one another. Many people think that this makes sense – people of like mind communicating. There are others that sign up on LinkedIn to post their resumes, looking for jobs from these companies listed on this particular platform. Either way, LinkedIn is a place where people network for several reasons.

The Benefits

If you do business online, you will benefit from this platform as you may find another company that compliments your products or services. If you wanted to sell products to consumers directly, then LinkedIn may not be the right platform. However, if you wanted to sell your products to other business owners, LinkedIn would be the ideal platform, giving you a huge opportunity to not actually sell right away, but to get leads.

The Goal

Your objective when it comes to LinkedIn is to generate leads and then hope for subsequent sales from those leads. How do you do this? This is done by networking on the site. Increase your network and once it becomes large enough, you have the potential of engaging people within your network and trying to get them to become customers. Try not to overdo it because people do not want to be bombarded with ads and discussions about just your business. Develop a relationship first. In fact, here are some strategies below to utilize the benefits of LinkedIn.

The Connection

Build the size and quality of your network. Numbers are not the priority because you want to have people in your network that could be potential clients. That means you have to establish the kind of people that you want to connect with. You have the ability to reject anyone that you don’t want in your network. This may be someone that does not work in your particular industry or anyone that you don’t really know. You are trying to find the highest quality. You can opt to grow a network with people that may be interested in your industry or people that are in a complementary industry.

No Fake Profile

View the person’s profile first before accepting an invitation to connect. Look out for spam profiles. You will get invitations from people that have created fake profiles. These kinds of profiles are easy to detect. They don’t usually have a photo or if they do, it is usually a stock photo taken from the Internet. You don’t want people to view you as a business with a fake profile.

To set yourself apart from this, you should:

  •       Use your business name and not your personal name
  •       Provide as much information about your business as possible
  •       Use your company logo instead of a personal picture

Do not become a spammer, but instead connect with people when you have a promotion or when you want to provide valuable content or information that you know will help your network.


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