How to Market and Promote Your White Paper

Many businesses are reliant on white paper, no matter what sector of the industry they fall. The white papers are used to provide the best solutions along with a detailed report of how to reach the solutions. Each industry’s guidelines to writing and using white paper to promote their business will oftentimes differ. However, one facet of this is common among all business sectors. The principles of basic marketing must be in place or white papers will only serve to be inadequate. In order to market and promote your white paper, there are several ways to do so. Let’s explore.

The Title

To grab the reader’s attention, you need to create an attention-grabbing title. This title is the key to creating interest. Remember, a white paper can be a long and boring document. So, you want to capture interest beforehand. You may have just glazed over multiple blog posts yourself once there was no initial interest. Well, the consumer is the same. So many businesses in your industry are choosing white paper in the promoting process and if you don’t stand out, no one will notice you. When you are looking for a title, you do want one that grabs the reader’s attention, but you also want to use buzzwords that are industry related and keywords that are being used in the search engines.

Good Writing

It does not matter the industry size that you are in, when writing a white paper, you must do so in an effective way. So, the paper has to be good, highlighting key aspects of your business and showcasing you as the expert. The readers should be able to understand your thought process and innovative concepts. The white papers should be high level, capturing interest and showing you as a leader in your industry and field. By so doing, you will get the best returns on your project. If you are unable to do the writing yourself, it is better to hire an expert copywriter with industry knowledge and insight. You should also make your writing interactive, including the reader. Conduct solid research first so that you will be able to turn your writing into a story of truth and facts. If you have to use infographics to tell our story, by all means do so. Some people grasp the visual more than they do words.

Your Landing Page

You can use your white paper to create a landing page. In fact, the white paper without a landing page will not create the buzz that you are trying to achieve. So, it is best to start with a basic page using just a few paragraphs of your white paper content to promote it. Use specific keywords for optimization purposes. Include a link that the reader can click to get the entire white paper, possibly via download. Before the download, have the interested reader complete a form with their name and email address so you can do future follow ups. Use A/B testing to ensure that the landing page is at an optimum level of effectiveness. Monitor your conversion rate to see which testing pulls the most response.

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