Top Questions to Ask Your Web Designer Prior to Hiring

Do you have a small business? Are you interested in taking your brick and mortar business to the World Wide Web? You can. In fact, you are leaving money on the table if you are not doing business on the Internet. Now that you have decided to go online with your business, it is time to find a web designer to create your website. There are some important questions to ask your web designer in order to avoid any issues that may come up during the design project.

Open Communication

You should take time out of your busy schedule to conduct an interview over the phone or meet with the web designer in person. Encourage open communication so that you can build a relationship with this professional. You both need each other to enjoy the success of the project. You will have a nicely designed website and the designer will have someone as a word of mouth referral for additional business. Below are some of the questions that you should ask.

Previously Designed Websites

You will need to see examples of websites that the designer has already completed for other business owners or clients. Make sure these are live examples where you can actually log onto the website and see for yourself. Most of these websites should have an indication at the bottom of the main page that this is the web designer who created the page.

The Charges

You need to ask the web designer how much the cost of creating your website is. Is it going to be a fixed rate or an hourly rate? There are some designers that charge for each page that is designed.

The Revisions

There will always be revisions because the web designer has to do a few drafts and send to you for approval. You need to ask the web designer about the number of revisions allowed. This is an important part of the project since you want the website to be done a specific way. If you have to pay extra, then it is best to know beforehand.

Terms of Payment

You may have to pay a deposit before the web designer decides to begin the project. Find out how much is the deposit, when to pay some of the remaining balance and when is the last payment due.

Added Support

You also want to know if there will be additional support after the website has gone live. You need to know if the web designer offers a monthly maintenance package. Is there any monitoring services offered in case the website is hacked or has troubleshooting issues? Are there any scheduled data backups provided?

The Timeline

You also need to know the length of time that it will take the web designer to finish the project. Make sure you have a timeline, deadlines and milestones within the timeline so that you can stay abreast of the project and be able to review and provide necessary feedback.

The Bottom Line

A website designer is experienced and will not be wary of answering these questions, providing additional information that will help you to make a decision of whether to move forward or not.


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